Located in Ars-en-Ré on the Île de Ré, the famous French West Coast island, that typical house gather my essentials. Its owner, Odile Baudry (founder of the brand Secret Maison, my ref when it comes to quality linen bedding or home textile) renovated the house 2 years ago to settled on the Island. She definitely put together my philosophy of a cosy and authentic home.

All materials are natural inside and outside. Cement tiles, wood, metal, glass and rattan are linked with the plain linen textile (flax, linen veil) and the natural sheepskin. Nature is invited inside through the collection of pieces picked up during walks at the beach on the dunes. The typical patio outside is being lived as a Summer room.

All the photos were shot by nomades (if you’ve been here before you’ve already met them, if not have a look at their beautiful online magazine) who wrote a wonderful article about Île de Ré. You will realised how much this home belongs to the local nature of the Island. Enjoy.

Shall we have a tour? Starting with the outdoor…

1.Au calme sous le patio Secret MaisonBD

The patio is a real Summer Space.

19.Inspiration matieres Secret Maison bd

The outside of the house is bath with the sun, winds, rain and the Ocean that give a soft patina to the outdoor.

14.detail matiere Secret Maison - nomades

20.Inspiration nature Secret Maisonbd

4.Detail bois chine Secret Maison 2 - nomades

7.Detail bois palissade Secret Maison 2 - nomades

5.detail bois et ciment Secret Maison - nomades

15.Detail nature Secret Maison - nomades

16.detail terre 2 Secret Maison - nomades

17.Details chez Secret Maison

The inside of the house is as natural as the outside.

Secret Maison cuisineBD

12.Detail cuisine Secret Maison - nomadesBD

6.Detail bois et paille Secret Maison - nomadesBD

2.Chambre Secret Maison - nomadesBD

10.Detail chez Secret Maison 4BD

Detail chez Secret Maison 8BD

Details chez Secret Maison 7bd

13.detail element nature Secret Maison - nomadesBD

Canape Ghost Secret Maison 2 - nomadesBD

Chez Odile Baudry Ars en Rebd

Make your home like no other

& always choose the natural way…


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