For years now I have been endorsing these 4 mottos : make your home a better place, keep it simple, keep it natural and stay true. I have always focused on artisans, creators, brands, products, homes & people that are faithful on the above statements.

I couldn’t find in one unique magazine that trend I like (can we call it a trend when one’s been living with for ages ?). Well that’s done…


Country Living – Modern Rustic. I don’t buy that many magazines usually (I am more a buyer of daily newspapers and news magazine). Bur recently I realised that an English magazine I’ve been following online for a couple of years was exactly the kind I liked. So I ordered the paper issues. And I was really happy to read a magazine gathering so many good features and fine brands.

The seventh issue has hit the shelves beginning of Feb.. This 228-page special publication will build on the success of Country Living’s earlier editions of Modern Rustic, with more inspiring houses that capture the contemporary country look.

A copy will cost £9.99* and is really worth it. You can order yours at Hearst Magazines

(*if ordered in the UK – To be delivered in France it is £19.98 each)

Seeing the covers of the edited issues so far (from #1 to recent #7) I am sure you will like it !





Make your home like no other, get inspired

& stay true, keep it simple and natural…


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