It’s time when you prepare your next escapes. Have you ever been to Jersey? I went there few years ago. When I first saw the photos made by Nomades team I was sent back there again. They captured the right feelings, colours and ambiance of that tiny but so rich island. Thanks to the team for such beautiful pictures (you are brilliant guys!). You will definitely add Jersey to your bucket list.

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Nomades takes us to a fresh escape on Jersey Island. Come along…


Anglo-Norman island, 14.5km long and 8km wide offers fabulous landscapes. Pause over a surprising island.

Do not be mistaken, under its modest airs, the island of Jersey is a place of paradise. Ideal to fill up with English culture and wild nature, 1h15 away from the French coast. Here we find everything we love about English people: chic, good manners, breakfasts and afternoons tea.

During a four-day stopover at the Old Court House, we were surely in the best place to stay. A hotel so British, revisited in a cottage chic and warm. Nothing is left to chance.


The soft-colored checked fabrics are harmoniously blended and the family furniture is restored in current colors.

Hanging on the wall antique objects or old framed documents attest to the history of the islands of Jersey and Guernsey. A perfect blend of English tradition and modernity.


The small port of St Aubin is one of the most dynamic of the island, it is full of typical restaurants and shops of all kinds. The halyards bump against the masts of the boats creating a very pleasant murmur. It is necessary to enjoy a beautiful walk along the sea and then get lost in the creeping streets hidden behind the restaurants.








A stay on Jersey without driving left would not be totally complete. Renting a car on site allows you to tour faster and explore parts of the island more easily.

The West of the island of Jersey is the most fascinating one. A mix of creeks to steep paths to the south, sandy beaches to the west and cliffs to the north. The walk begins at Porteley Bay, where you can see a beach of pink sand below. A tower was erected on a rock named Guerdain Island or Janvin’s Tomb. In the 1720s a seaman who had returned from France had been forbidden to dock, lest he bring back the plague. He died aboard his boat and was buried on the rock.

On the island towers and lighthouses enthroned all along the coast. Lose yourself especially on the Lighthouse of La Corbière. Dressed in an immaculate white, it is erected on a rocky spur encircled by water.


At low tide the lighthouse becomes accessible, a path is receded in the middle of the rocks.

Going up the coast towards the north, the beaches of St Ouen’s Bay offer beautiful ballads at low tide. Very calm early in the morning, you will meet a few walkers and surfers. In the background, big dunes beaten by the winds overhang the sea.

It is by taking the coastal roads on the north coast that you can fully enjoy the spectacle of steep cliffs. Departure of the Lecq Strike, take the trail to Plémont Bay. The climbs and descents succeed each other under a magnificent landscape: the waves break against the rocks and the violent wind makes dance the vegetation under an autumn sun.

The strike of Plémont Bay, is a hidden paradise in the hollow of impressive cliffs, and concludes perfectly the hike. The Devil’s Hole point of view is also a must-see.







From the town of St Helier, via Mount Orgueil Castel to St. Catherine’s Bay, a coastal road runs along half the east coast.

On the way, some harbors punctuate the journey. The Gorey Harbor is overlooked by the imposing Mount Orgueil Castel, and allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the bay.

On the way to the land, a stop in Trinity village is essential to observe the British chic architecture of the rosy houses and flower gardens.Along the roads you will come across shops selling local vegetables. Typical of Jersey, they are located in the middle of nowhere. Leave your change, and take with you some Jersey Royals. These are potatoes sold in the UK and grown exclusively on the island.

The inhabitants are very welcoming, here life seems simple and peaceful. If you want to discover a rich and warm place, take the wide and embark for Jersey.





Embark aboard Condor Ferries.
Take a room at the Old Court House.
Rent a car with left-hand drive.
Eat the best fish & chips on the island at Tenby.
Shopping in the pedestrian streets of St Helier.
Have a coffee at the Costa.
Eat on the shoot at Don Street Deli.
Have a drink in front of the sea at El Tico.
Rent a surfboard at the Laneez Surf Shop or Little Joe’s Surf Shop & School.
Buy good pastries at The Works.
Eat at the Old Court House restaurant or pub.
Taste the burger of The Hungry Man at the port of Rozel.
Buy Jersey Royals by the roadside.














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Enjoy the trip,

& travel as much as you can with eyes wide open…


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