Let’s imagine for a minute what would be the house of my dream for a daily life, keeping realistic, nothing crazy or fancy. How I would decorate it with the things I like (no matter the price).


It would be near the Ocean in South Brittany in France. Even better with an ocean view but not on the first line because I like when the sea is a bit alive (tides, wind, waves and storms) and coping with the elements every day is tiring and sea spray damages everything. I like to walk down to the beach. It would definitely be in a secluded place with a good wifi signal. A renovated barn or a large shed/boat house… Something like these:

A wooden barn (


Or a renovated barn (


A large open space where you can get a privacy in the different spaces (kitchen, living room, office & entrance) from which you can see what’s happening in the others. The night areas would be upstairs (I like to idea of going up to bed and since I am an late morning person I would be isolated from noises, still having a view to the living areas from upstairs).


Absolutely nothing in the space except a wood storage for the fireplaces, and nude walls to park the bikes inside.

I am not an accumulating person. I don’t own a lot of things. I prefer space to overstocked rooms. That house would hide lots of cupboards and wardrobes into the wall this way:



Absolutely in love with this kitchen concept by Boffi. They worked with Elisa Ossino Studio on the concept and styling of these gorgeous kitchen sets. Natural materials only to righteous and compacts designs. The Open kitchen hits aesthetic and practicality. (by Tomasso Sartorio) Read more about Kitchenology +


I would mix with some Katrin Arens cupboards (read the post about Katrin Arens+). Katrin Arens is a passionate collector of objects and materials and has been fascinated by the reuse of wood, textiles and metal for many years. In her workshops in the “Molini di sotto” and the old factory in Villa d’Adda, since 1995 she has created unusual garments, furniture and furnishings which convey the spirit of the past and a piece of Italian lifestyle.


And a table for breakfasts, dinners and friends…



The living room would display a very large sofa, some layers of felt rugs and a lovely TV set. Large windows and a fireplace (the show is outside after all). Some lights and that’s about it. Nothing more.

The Sofa I would choose is the Nebula nine by Diesel for Moroso. Soft like a large cloud and generous in shape, sit or stretch out on Nebula Nine’s big, soft cushions covered in stone-washed linen. And I would set two of them, playing with the very big one (390x140cm) and the medium (330x140cm).


A good layer of Eco-felt rugs by Zachtaardig because they are pure and undyed woolfibers, ecofriendly, animal gentle and sustainable.




Add a gorgeous TV set, the serif TV for Samsung by Bouroulec brothers.



I like when light comes from various points in a space. For a long time now I crush for :

The manana lamps by Design House Stockholm. I would accumulate on a wall, like a character from a comic strip relaxing against the wall, Marie-Louise Gustafsson’s Mañana lamp seems to have stepped right out of the sketch book with its pencil thin, graphite lines. (Andrea Falkner Campi used them in her absolutely stunning place designed by Paola Navone here)



As I read a lot crushed in my sofa, I need a reading light bending over the sofas. And for a long time now I had a crush for the Fork floor lamp designed by Diesel for Foscarini. The Fork lampshade is inspired by casual fashion, by campsite tents and by an informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The stitching on the fabric has been created like that on jeans and the rings are not merely decorative, but respond to practical needs with simplicity and immediacy. The light inside reveals a patchwork structure and the texture of the canvas, a little like when you turn on a light inside a tent. The lampshade is extremely flexible and can be oriented 360 degrees.


Add some coffee and book tables around the sofas and the living room is all set.

I would go for a Piet Boon wood bench, or a George Nakashima piece… or both! Want to know more about dark wood pieces? Read my dark wood inspirations post.







I work from home so I really need a dedicated space for my job. Nothing big. Just the prettiest desk I ever dreamed of, some tech stuff and a music player/amplifier.

The Chrysler desk: has all the hallmarks of a timeless design. Made from handcrafted galvanised steel each desk is coated in the same acrylic lacquer used in the car industry.

The top is made from beech wood which is covered in matt linoleum, while chrome detailing around the perimeter of the top and each pedestal further reminds us that this desk’s design was clearly derived with an automotive influence.

Inspired by the American jazz age, in particular, Walter Chrysler, the greatest technological innovator among US automobile manufacturers whose Airflow was the first streamlined American car.

Chrysler was also the inspiration for William Van Alen’s 1930 Chrysler Building on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue. Both car and building are reflected in this desk.


Or a wood desk with a comfy leather desk chair…chrysler-desk-copy


I’ll be back with the bedrooms at some point.

Enjoy the visit? It’s good to revisit dreams sometimes.

& have a lovely end of years…


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