If like me you have come across that fabulous image at the week end, you might have had a a big crush. I dig a little and found some marvels

It’s a sneak peek from next month for vt wonen
Styling: @cleoscheulderman
Photo: @jeroenvanderspek

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As an international distributor, MVN&I has a special selection of unique brands. Passionated by traditional and characteristic products. Based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

A couple of months ago RTL 4 broadcast of TV Makelaar. It’s showing Marijke’s house, an impression of her work and creations over the years.

During her visits to fascinating countries and cultures, Marijke got passionate about traditional and characteristic products. Together with a widely developed experience in buying art and decorating homes, she also has, as a international distributor and agent, a special selection of unique brands. Trademarks that are extraordinary and exclusive in their styles.

MVN&I reflects the peculiarity and passion for the profession in which Marijke goes her way and makes her choices. She is always looking for a combination of the uniqueness of her products and the business value of these. Because of this, her choices are being followed by a special group of national and international trendsetting stores, decorators and architects.

Showroom, mailing and visiting address
Jules Verneweg 28
5015 BM Tilburg – The Netherlands



Bandit Queen

The extraordinary bed, bath and table linen trademark Bandit Queen was born after the meeting between Sunita Namjoshi and Valerie Barkowski. The combination of the experience and passion for the pure cotton and linen makes Bandit Queen a trademark of exceptional quality and tradition, combined with the delicate skills of Indian heritage and timeless international design.



The recently created Oficios Artesanos homeware and travel line, inspired by Coqui Coqui’s lifestyle, showcases accessories and foldable furniture for the home, as well as pieces in suede for heritage travellers and family adventures. The collection is produced with 100% Mexican fibres and materials such as: pure cotton, sansevieria, suede and wood to celebrate a primitive yet luxurious way of living and travelling.



Thibault, born in France, focuses his work on the manufacturing of hand woven modern and unique vintage material, made of wool of the alpaca from the Andes, colored with pigments from the Amazon.  A beautiful contrast of raw and elegant material which he uses to cover his self designed carpets, pillows, couches and ottomans.


All photos are from mvninteriors

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Enjoy the discovery,

& admire artisans works…


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