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New York City seen through the eyes of Nomades-magazine… They have captured with talent the frenzy of the City, its picturesque districts, famous places and provided an immense ‘going away’ feeling when I first read their story. That’s the idea I have about the City. At least after reading a lot of novels located in NYC, this is exactly the images I have in mind… Well I guess I will check by myself soon since someone is preparing a lovely present for my coming birthday (don’t tell him he doesn’t know I know).
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New York, a bubbling and effervescent city that wakes up at dawn with frenzy, at full speed.

The workers follow the current of crowd that moves on the sidewalks. Left, right, left, right, each pursues its goal with quick step by going underground or towards the doors of these great towers. The snacks are ready, the smells cross the streets: donuts, hot dogs, and coffee are in place on the stalls.

Yellow taxis lurk in search of a man in a suit or a business woman in a hurry to get to his rendezvous point. The sirens sound. New York wakes up, Welcome!


Each neighborhood is full of new things to discover, the atmosphere is different at the four corners of the streets.

Worker, sometimes festive, New York offers an unforgettable moment. The South of Manhattan is a perfect blend of futuristic buildings and historic buildings. A stroll along the Hudson River provides a first glimpse of the city: Manhattan skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island in the background. It is by taking the river shuttle to Staten Island that it is possible to admire the financial district from a little distance.

Not far away, the imprint of the twin towers gives way to two very beautiful memorials resuming their original and exact dimensions on the ground. This enormous black hole gives us an impression of infinity. An endless waterfall generating a moving sound. The place renamed Ground Zero is at its most impressive during a morning and Sunday visit.


Away from the gigantic towers, the North Downtown consists of two parts.

The Ethnic Manhattan is made up of the districts of Chinatown, Little Italy and Lower East Side. It has been shaped over the years by waves of immigration from the 1860s. The smells of Asian markets are mixed with shops and boho chic restaurants.

Farther north we find the most chic and privileged neighborhoods of Soho and Greenwich Village, places of predilection of the New York boho lifestyle. The beautiful facades and cobbled streets do not deceive the neighborhood. It is by escaping into the neighboring streets of the beautiful Broadway, that one can enjoy the quiet while admiring the architecture.



On the other side of the Hudson River is Brooklyn, the most interesting borough after Manhattan.

The one who is called the other New York abstains from any skyscraper. Here you do not have to show of to look cool and trendy. Second hand cloth shops mix with designer boutiques and popular restaurants.

Although appreciated by artists since the 1980s, notably due to soaring rents in Manhattan at this time, Brooklyn is distinguished by its rehabilitated warehouses and its « small » brick buildings, which give it a style both relaxed and peaceful.

Brooklyn is not just a suburb, but another face of New York life. Do not even think of visiting New York without going through Brooklyn, in which case you would miss one of the most beautiful places in this amazing city.


Take a room at the Element Times Square Hotel and have breakfast at the best donut in town.
Buy a hot dog at a street trailer.
Go and see the monument tribute to Ground Zero.
Walk on Sunday morning in the empty business district.
Shop French products at the Waterfront District.
Cross the Hudson River passing by the Statue of Liberty by taking the free shuttle to Staten Island.
Get lost in the subway.
Buy a take-away coffee at Saturdays.
Eat toasts at the Egg Shop.
Take time on the terrace of Butcher’s Daughter.
See the concept store Labo.
Take a tour at Best Made and dream to conquer the West.
Shop at Anthropologie at the foot of the Empire State Building.
Shop on Broadway.

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Enjoy the trip,

& travel as much as you can with wide open eyes…


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