It’s the week-end… Let’s have a good vibes session and meet with Alexandre Sookia in La Torche- Finistère – France (29) with the fabulous pictures & story  N O M A D E S®

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La Torche – Finistère (29)

NOMADES met with Alexandre Sookia over a weekend.

Franco-Mauritian born in Paris, Alexandre is singer, composer, interpreter. While he has just released a EP of 5 titles, we were able to spend a pleasant time in his company for an improvised unplugged session seated on his van in wilderness.

The rendez-vous was settled at Twenty-nine surf shop, in La Torche in South Finistère. It is here that the singer’s story began. First coming to the region for a STAPS internship, and housed by his grandparents, Alexandre quickly became passionate about surfing, even going so far as to make his own boards.

Settled in the garage of the family house, about twenty boards were born there. Always in an old school spirit and aesthetics.



As Alex says so well, the shape for him is unpretentious: « What prompted me to get started was curiosity at first, knowing how this board is made to provide this pleasure, understand the movement, the curves with respect to this or that wave. I watched a shaper make a longboard and a single, then I threw myself into my first shape, a 9 foot. « 

Through surfing culture, he will meet the surf shop team Twenty Nine. Already anchored in the musical universe, Alexandre gave a series of concerts to animate the events organized by the store.

It was during one of his concerts that he met Maxime Lebidois who will mark the beginning of his professional career: « A guy began to play the guitar to accompany me, after a few songs he said to me – You have to work your compositions thoroughly, I’m in music if you want to we can see each other again later. – A year later I did a concert, and he invited me in his studios in Paris. I felt that I would not have a second chance like that, and I stopped my studies right away. « 



Influenced by bands such as Mumford and Sons, Alexandre created a very specific folk-rock universe: « I wanted to create a folk universe but tinted by electric guitars pulling towards rock. I’m really happy, we can go from a folk ballad, « On My Way » about love, to a blues rock, « For The Bill » with a more serious subject. « 

Today working on for his album, he and his producer have previously contributed to the creation of the complete B.O. of Philippe Guillard’s film « On voulait tout casser ». Other similar projects should emerge as the creation of a soundtrack of a TV series.


Back on our meeting. It was in a moment of sharing that we headed in a quiet place in the middle of the fields. Joined by Mathilde his friend (and creator of the young brand of accessories for the beach Old Child), and Steven guitarist, we took advantage of a very beautiful musical moment. The sliding door of the truck is open, Alexander and Steven begin to scratch their guitars. As we photograph the scene, the voice of Alexandre sounded, it lasted for 30 minutes of an acoustic session in the middle of nature …

Thanks to Alexandre Sookia and Mathilde David, for taking the time to welcome us for a weekend. Thanks to Steven Gangnant for coming to accompany Alexander at the guitar and singing.


Listen to the accoustic session here or on Nomades magazine

To discover the EP of Alexander Sookia, go to the platform Deezer or iTunes and follow him on Facebookor Instagram. And discover the Old Child brand on Instagram & Facebook.


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Enjoy the music,

& have a lovely week-end …

✗✗&✗ valerie

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