As promised we take you on a fabulous tour on the Island of Ouessant – Finistère – France (29) with N O M A D E S® (all pictures are protected by copyright – ©nomades) 

Thank you NOMADES® for your stunning photos and your way of seeing our World, in particular Ouessant in Brittany today. xx&x love – valerie

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Have a nice journey…

Port of Brest,  at the end of the land in France, Brittany, 8:30am, Immediate embarking for the most western end of Europe, the Island of Ouessant.

To discover this jewel of Brittany, it is advisable to travel on foot. Upon arrival on the island, it is possible to rent bicycles, which can be perfect to reach the hotel or the campsite, but will prove to be impractical to discover wild places with panoramic views of coastal roads.

The Island of Ouessant is the most western Breton land before the United States. It feels like it is cut off from the world, with its few shops and long roads bordered by wild, raw nature.

The island is beautiful under any weather. A sunny day will make you feel on a paradise island with steep cliffs and crystal clear water. Under bad weather, Ouessant takes another habit. It gives us an impression of a lost, mysterious and hard island. The short grass in autumn colors, beaten by the winds, makes this dimension even stronger.


For a perfect getaway, three to four days are enough to walk around the island of Ouessant on foot and take full advantage of the place.

 The wild camping is to be proscribed, it is very badly seen by the inhabitants whose are very protective. An Ouessant inhabitant explains: «Before, it was easy to camp at the edge of the cliffs, but now nobody respects and the waste often stay on the spot ».

One of the island’s attractions are the lighthouses which reign as emblems. Ouessant has five lighthouses, including three at sea. The most impressive of all is the Creac’h Lighthouse, it is one of the most powerful in the world with a range of 32 km.

If you can not visit it, it is still possible to climb into the Stiff Lighthouse to enjoy a 360 ° view of the sea and the land.

In short, we can only advise you to leave for a trip of a few days on the island of Ouessant. Plan your hiking bags, high shoes and sunscreen for a total change of scenery at the end of the world. If the weather is kind to you, enjoy the secret coves in kayak or boat.



 The north coast of the island, beaten by the winds is hostile and mysterious


Lighthouse of Creac’h. Two flashes every 10 seconds. This lighthouse is one of the most powerful on the Atlantic coast, Its beam is visible up to 32 kilometers.

ouessant-by-nomades-7ouessant-by-nomades-8Along the way


Ouessant. Island of Ponant. 8 kilometers long. 4 kilometers wide. 856 inhabitants. Five lighthouses South coast. As the sun shines the water becomes transparent and lets see the white sand

ouessant-by-nomades-14ouessant-by-nomades-15ouessant-by-nomades-16On the road to Lampaul, at the place known as Porzh Gwenn very widespread in Finistère

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Enjoy the trip,

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