As I told you earlier, I want to welcome Xmas Season the best way possible to enjoy it like when I was a kid.

I started thinking about Decorations, Tables, Decorations, Wrappings, Menu and few other details that will recall it’s a joyful Season in the middle of Winter. Here are some inspiring ideas & DIY…

I find useful to start collecting: natural stuff from the forest (branches, acorns, leaves, pine cones, lichen, dried woods…) + brown paper from the grocery store (in grey, black and natural colors) + strings (made of cotton, hemp, any natural materials essentially white, black or natural) + all the glass pots from my morning yogourt

I just bought : a gold color spray + some glitters + some fairy light garlands + a refill of glue. And I think that’s gonna to be it. I don’t want to spend money on industrialized things. Everything you need is out there or sleeping in your closets :-).

To be continued…


No space for a Xmas tree? Just hang some nicely chosen Xmas-tree decorations onto the wall with washi tape.

Buy a gold colour paint spray. You will see it is the color of Xmas. Spray branches over…


I went WoW when I saw this DIY on A pair & a spare. That’s a fabulous idea of wrapping… Follow the instructions here.


Have a walk in the forest. It’s a beautiful season to get some fresh air! bend and collect some pieces from the forest. Add some brown paper (grey or black too), a wooden peg, some golden spray (told you it’s gonna be useful) and here we have lovely wrappings.


Still a good idea to save a tree! Do not buy a cut Xmas tree please. There are so much ideas out there to replace it and leave it into the forest where it belongs. Follow the instructions of this cute idea of a tree made of fairy light garland and screws.


To hide the soil & roots of the tree you will re-plant after Xmas (Do not buy a dead tree please), you will use your dozen of baskets displayed at the feet of the tree…


Gold color spray on some Mason Jar and here we go, it is celebration time…


An idea I like very much, it is to add some glitters into the ballons + use golden ribbons.

And the unmissable Xmas wreath. I especially like this one featured by Vogue Australia few years back. It’s huge, composed of seasonal things. A Classic … Follow the instructions here.





& welcome Xmas Season…

✗✗&✗ valerie

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