Style does matter! From home wear to daily outfits. I am not talking about having fancy and expensive stuff but having your own style, being yourselves.

My style is very casual but extremely comfy. My top priority. I don’t buy things often but I choose them very carefully. It has to be responsible, eco-friendly, organic if possible …

My closet is made of pieces that perfectly matched together. In term of colors & materials. I like cotton on the skin, silk, precious wools (mohair, cashmere, New-Zealand wools).

On a day like today, a day off in te middle of the week (so cool) I like wearing comfy but stylish kinda things. And I recently had a crush for this jacket made of mohair from the very Rock’n Roll shop Lovers & Drifters:


(photos via MIKUTA)

The brand also sells gorgeous dress made of velvet, funny teez (if you are a bit Rock’n roll) and few other things I really like. Have a visit at Lovers & Drifters


Have a brilliant day…

& enjoy doing nothing


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