Egg is a unique clothing shop located 36 Kinnerton Street in London. The thing with egg is that the founder Maureen Doherty has succeeded to create a perfect universe with what I call simplicity. From her sharply and beautifully selected cloth collection, to her shop ambiance and her home. Everything appeals comfort & quality. Read what The Shopkeepers wrote about egg…

A mews in London’s Knightsbridge is the location for Maureen Doherty’s unique clothing shop. A series of retail projects led Maureen to open her own shop, egg in 1994. Prior to Egg Maureen worked as a hair colourist, studied pattern cutting, worked as a runner on a David Lean movie, and aspired to work in theatre costume design. A project promoting Swedish designer Hans Metzen in London changed Maureen’s destiny. The Hans Metzen project turned into other retail projects, fourteen shops in total including work with Valentino, Fiorucci and Issey Miyake. Maureen admires the work of Lucie Rie, Issey Miyake and other small crafts people who use their hands. It is this aesthetic that Maureen brings to egg. The daily connotation and simplicity of an egg, the form and enigma behind and within, informed Maureen’s choice of name. The clothes transcend fashion, handcrafted and made for comfort. The displays are beautiful and distinctive. Layered outfits hang at intervals whilst carefully selected items of clothing and objects are displayed on tables and benches. The look is individualistic and egg’s clients include writers, painters, poets, film-makers, actors and designers. Maureen enjoys the connection she makes between egg clients and the makers she represents, the human and personal connection she and her team have built over the years. When Maureen travels her favourite pastime is the pursuit of finding string. She loves string, rope and other useful objects for boats, builders, cooks and tradespeople. It is Maureen’s keen eye for the detail and beauty in everyday objects that elevates the ordinary to the sublime. It is this talent that makes egg so singular.

The Shopkeepers

Maureen’s home:


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Enjoy the visit…

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