Mixing & matching patterns, textiles, colors and styles is a very creative job. Only few succeed to get a stunning result. Some are just awesome and to me they are gifted.

Shall we visit some of these creative people I admire for their talents?

Martyn Thompson‘s photographic career was set in motion some 30 years ago when he began shooting the « Made in My Kitchen » fashion he was producing at the time. As it turned out, his images attracted more attention than the clothes themselves, launching a career that continues to make a profound visual impact today. He is today a TEXTILES AND INTERIOR ARTS designer.




David Bromley is an Australian and British artist and printmaker. He works mostly in linocut, wood engraving and oils. His studio is set among bushland on the beautiful north coast of New South Wales, Australia.




And of course Myriam Balaÿ Devidal, graduated in Industrial Product Design (School of Fine Arts of St Etienne) after numerous collaborations on stage sets (theater, television, cinema), she entered the textile world and have memorable experiences in the Haute Couture (Chanel, Dior), textile design for the company “Du proche et du lointain” (clients : Maureen Doherty/Egg, Polly Dickens/Armani Home, Nicole Fahri Home,David Champion Interiors, Agnès B/La maison sur l’eau, Maryse Boxer at Joseph Maison, Boutique Voyage, Marthe Desmoulins/Absinthe, Galerie Néotu …) , the collective “Copirates” and today her work at “L’appartement” on materials, colors, objects, Scenography, image … and more ! She likes to move things around, these images are rather old, so it must have changed a bit and we are more than eager to see her place today… Myriam??? Read the post I wrote about her recent work here.





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Have a colorful weekend…



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