I am lucky to live in between a wild Ocean and a luxurious & fantastic nature. I have always been an outdoor animal. Younger I used to surf & windsurf, ski & trek. Getting older and having a sore back (very bad ski accident), I no longer seek for adrenaline but nice & easy outdoor activities.

Shall we start with some activities I love to do when by the Ocean, Lake or River? I will come back later with the on land activities…

CANOEING : on the Ocean, on the lake or the river, it is a marvelous and easy way to access to places you cannot walk to on land. You’re alone on the water, the scenery is awesome, the noises of nature louder and you can discover wild life you don’t even imagine from land. Effortless, or almost if you’re chose well your weather conditions (wind, waves and kind of water where to practice). You can even take your dogs with you. take a 2 day trip and stop for a camp at night. Kids will love this and I bet you too.


colors of watercanoe camp

PADDLING (SUP): I started Stand Up Paddle (read my article) last year. It is a nice sport. You can get away from the busy beach and paddle along the shores. Go for a polyvalent board (better buoyancy and stability) Make sure the conditions are okay, you are UV protected and here you go. Know that you can go over the 300M from shore 😉

stand up paddlesup with a buddieSUP

SCUBA DIVING & SNORKELING: I took my PADI when I was 25 and I never regretted it. When travelling in exotic place it is a must do for me to visit the bottom of the sea :-). I had a fabulous dive in The Seychelles and the loveliest things I saw in Egypt were underwater. PADI is worldwide known and is for me the safest way to scuba dive (both gears and rules). Snorkeling is fun too. No fuss with gears :-). Recently some companies have really improved snorkeling gears: mask in which you can nose breathe  & snorkel waterproof ^^… Kids love snorkeling when at the beach. The best way for me to adopt or being adopted by the Ocean.

underwatersnorkelingscuba diving


Have a nice time on water 🙂

Enjoy & live outdoor.


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