Hello Folks,

I have been in a lazy mood recently, shall I say in a saving energy mode? I have been on real vacation, you know the kind you had when student for 2 months now. And that’s really good to offer this kind of time to oneself once in a while. So fit, in a very good mood and loaded with good vibes I woke up with the idea of making things. And discovered a really good website you may know: A pair & A spare.

I had a crush on the round rope rug (photo below). Fun to make. Easy too. Find the instructions here. And loved that lace lantern I was thinking making a bit smaller but longer to use as a bed side pendant light. We all have an old lace kinda dress in our wardrobe, haven’t we? Follow the instructions here.

diy lace lantern


For this wood slice coffee table some stuff are needed. But it is a nice way to make your own coffee table on a budget. Isn’t it great? Follow the instructions here.


And of course I ended up looking how to add some more green inside & outside and decided to go for propagating my succulents. It is fast growing and so lovely. Follow instructions here.

DIY Succulents

Have fun & enjoy your weekend. It is a long 3 days weekend. So I will DIY today and do nothing on Saturday, taking Sunday to continue and Monday to finish my ‘do nothing’ time. Told you: Lazy time.




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