While editing some of my billions curated images I came across that fantastic house in Argentina. Probably one of my top 20 in the world…

Mercedes Hernáez lovingly refers to her home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires as a garden with a roof. Indeed, the open and transparent space seems to blur its limits, paying tribute to the rich greenery that surrounds it. Designed by her partner, the architect and designer Alejandro Sticotti, the house is full of objects that tell a story. Crafts bought on various trips to North Argentina, photographs signed by artist friends and books that evoke memories of past times – Mercedes refers to them as “treasures of everyday life”.

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& enjoy….



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  1. Adriana Torres dit :

    Mercedes’s house is SO beautiful Valerie! She is a very sensitive designer and Alejandro a great architect. Amazing duo… Possibly one of the most beautiful houses in Buenos Aires.

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    1. Helloooo Adriana 🙂 happy to read you here. I discovered this house few years back and the more I see it the more I love it. Talent I guess. They definitely are a very talented duo. Have a lovely time in Argentina (if not wandering around our lovely planet :-). xx&x


      1. Adriana Torres dit :

        Merci Valerie! haha I am in Argentina right now and until late August! then Paris will be waiting for me 😀
        big hug and have a colourful day!

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