One hour from Lisbon, sand, sea and rice paddies surrounding, slow time to the horizon … Comporta is the weekend secret destination of Lisbon high society and intelligentsia. Still you can stay over here on a budget (medium to +++).

Between Comporta and architects/decorators, the story began there 20 years ago. At each place, you can experience the unique feeling of softness diluted in the air, happy to put your feet in pristine nature and casting off for an authentic region.

This residence is located on a plot of land of about 3000 m2 and with a built surface of 275 m2, the project of this luxury cabins complex located in the property « Herdade da Comporta » bears the signature of the designer Cristina Jorge de Carvalho who also intervened at the architecture and interior design.Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho1Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho2Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho3

This project, consisting of three cabins, a swimming pool and an outdoor seating is based on two fundamental points: the indoor / outdoor permeability and the ratio between the rustic character of the typical buildings of the area and the comfort of a building contemporary.Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho4

The main cabin houses the common areas coexist large lounge, dining room and kitchen, connected with each other and with the outside. The large windows reinforce the link with the exterior and give a high brightness, giving the space a contemporary character. In the kitchen, contrast contemporary / rustic look is evident in the use of opposing materials, particularly as regards the kitchen island, stainless steel and crude wooden cupboards.

Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho5Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho6Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho7Comporta Cristina Jorge de Carvalho8

This complex also features a large area composed of a swimming pool and an outdoor lounge with BBQ, which amplify and reinforce the impression of being outside and intrinsic need to enjoy the natural beauty of the site. That is why all the outdoor space was built with materials that reflect the colors of the surrounding landscape, which promotes better integration into the countryside.

Fancy touring Cabana No Rio & the most famous one among all Cabana No Aeria I wrote about before…

Enjoy the house tour.



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