Aloha Summer Wanderers,

I hope you are on slow mode vacation or about to be. Anyway, enjoy Summer in North Hemisphere and Winter on the other side of the the world (lucky you, I love thick knitted jumpers).

I won’t apologize here being away for long…. nope! I am a slow life lad kind, addicted to freedom. My acts stick on my style :-). So I might jump here sometimes this Summer.

Back home for a few days, I checked social media, e-mails (!!!) , newsletters and got caught in some inspirational stuff and wanted to tell you one thing above all : DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS!

You would like to built a room divider or bring some light in a dark room? You fancy these black atelier style inside windows? NO WAY… Think. That’s a long term investment you will have to live with. Do you really want to live in the same house than your friends? Show imagination, be curious, inspired by creative people. Why don’t you think it over and try to make your own?

Some pictures I have been really inspired by :

Sukha's Amsterdam window

Sukha's home bedroomSukha's home

My fav of all time. At Sukha’s Home (Atelier Sukha in Amsterdam).

Deezen's Office

Deezen’s Office in London (via Atelier Rue verte, 2013 post)

And I found that idea of using antique wardrobe doors pretty cool:

Antique closet door

And the most famous home made of discarded windows, just for pleasure and to realize that some people create their dreams for real 😉 and for low money ^^…

the most famous discarded windows house

Looking for some ideas for your home? For doors, windows, floors? Can I recommend you jump on my Pinterest account?


Love, xx&x




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