Hello Folks, I wrote a post about Wabi-Sabi aesthetic concept last October (to read here) introducing the work of Axel Vervoordt at the Greenwich Hotel in Brooklyn.

To go further, shall we have a look at what Wabi spirit really is?

The concept depicts the imperfect beauty of craftsmanship and nature in the interiors. Japanese philosophy that embraces humility at its core. The elements of a Wabi-Sabi space often appear simple or rustic and show signs of age; a reminder of the transience and imperfection of all things. Each piece, from a wooden door frame to a ceramic vase, must be carefully selected and artfully arranged in the wabi spirit.

I have been guided for years by another stylist, Hans Blomquist. Close to nature and simplicity, his style is part of the Wabi Spirit to me.

Shall I recommend some books:

Natural Home

wabi inspiration by Axel Vervoordt

timeless interiores by Axel Vervoordt

In detail by Hans Blomquist

Have a awesome week,



Sources : photos via Milk Magazine – Envers du décor – Rendering – Hans Blomquist – Axel Vervoordt.

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  1. Marina dit :

    Gorgeous interiors. I really enjoy your blog and posts. Thks for sharing.


    1. Thank you Marina. Have a nice day. xx&x


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