PAIA, MAUI, HAWAII, N-156.369 20° 54′, W156° 22′

Hello Folks,

Back to my new column about my trips around the world. Today is about the longest trip I ever took: Hawaii. The longest and one of the best memories. Loved the lifestyle over there, the nature and scenery, the beaches, the countryside, well everything actually. So coool.

Maui is far more lovable than the main island. If you want to see Maui in-depth, you need to rent a car! Rent also a house, I would recommend the village Paia, up North Maui.

Want to locate Paia on a map? click here.

Paia is a surfers paradise with a population just over 2,700 people and is 55 miles from Hana. This makes it the perfect spot before the Road to Hana. (On the blog Ordinary Traveler you will find everything you need to live on a budget there with great tips.)

From there go around and feel it. Scents of flowers, fantastic & cult windsurf spots, beautiful beaches, secret water falls, markets…. Paradise.

Have a look….

Balwin Beach Paia

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