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After a long trip in Asia I was taught about coconut oil. I knew this trend was expanding in Europe but thought wrongly it was just a trend. I have been very much in love with Hawaiian Tiare these last 20 years (which is just a virgin coconut oil with tiare flowers). I will still love Tiare (for the smell and the good memories) but I am now using coconut oil for food, beauty & wellness (and the money spared, because real Tiare is rather expensive, will participate on my savings to travel more).

Here are the listed benefits it is supposed to provide. Your experience is interesting too. So please if you have something to add or to comment, leave me a comment.

Coconut oil and kitchen
Coconut oil is a remarkable fat for cooking because its structure remains intact when heated. It does not produce harmful by-products as the most common cooking oils.

Coconut oil as a substitute for butter
Use coconut oil instead of butter in recipes, everything is possible, pies, brownies, through rich sauces and curries. His taste remains discreet but you can add a tropical notes, many recipes using spices conceal the taste of coconut oil.

Great for vegans
Coconut oil is a major ingredient in most pies without cooking and paleo treats, because it solidifies at room temperature, it retains its firmness preparations and gives them extra texture and taste.

Increases the nutrient side food
Add coconut oil to vegetable and fruit juice (smoothy) makes them more comparable and also helps balance the blood sugar. If you eat vegetables steamed, spread them generously with coconut oil and sea salt for a good fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed.

Make delicious chocolates
Mix coconut oil in equal parts with the cocoa powder and honey to make a chocolate sauce or leave the mixture in the refrigerator to make healthy homemade chocolates.

An effective appetite suppressant
Take a teaspoon of coconut oil before meals, this will provide you a feeling of satiety. This may be due to fat metabolism mechanism in the body. Science has shown that ketones (which are produced when consuming coconut oil) increase the effects of appetite reduction.

More energy and boosting metabolism
MCT (medium chain triglycerides, see HERE) of coconut oil creates a long term sustained release of energy and also help in boosting metabolism and a fast weight loss. Medium chain fatty acids are not stored as fat in the body, they are immediately used by the liver as a source of energy.

Stimulates brain function
Studies show the powerful coconut oil effects on brain health. We can deduce that it is incredibly useful in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s or just to help people be more efficient and alerts.

Treatment of cold sores
Antiviral components of coconut oil are involved in the healing of cold sores and relieve pain.


Increases immunity
Almost half of the fat of the coconut oil is composed of lauric acid, a substance that becomes monolaurin, a monoglyceride which can annihilate lipid-enveloped viruses, gram-negative bacteria and protozoa. Making it an effective treatment for diseases such as herpes viruses, giardia lamblia the (intestinal parasites), mumps, to name a few.

Coconut oil for better digestion
Consuming coconut oil during the meal can help digestion in the gut lubricant, allowing food to pass more easily digested.

Fight pests
Lauric acid in coconut oil is antiparasitic, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, it helps create an inhospitable environment for these nasty parasites.

Effectively treats burns
You can use coconut oil to heal burns quickly, it provides instant relief.


Polish furniture
Yes, it is possible to use coconut oil to polish your wood furniture, it is likely to prove less expensive and less toxic than waxes trade.

Wax leather
Scrub your shoes with a dose of coconut oil on a dry cloth for a natural alternative to petroleum products.

Keep away fleas on your pets
As coconut oil works on humans to kill lice [skull friction with coconut oil, leave on all night], it also works on animals for rid of their unwanted guests. [Internally in food and friction externally on places irritated by fleas. The chips are trapped by the oil is recoverable more easily]

Massage oil
Warm coconut oil in a water bath by adding your favorite essential oil [compatible with skin contact] for a perfect massage.

Mix equal parts of crystal sugar and coconut oil, you can add a drop of essential oil and use as a body scrub while showering.

You can use coconut oil as a moisturizing body and face, it is excellent to nourish the skin and prevent acne. Many people use it to moisturize the face and delay wrinkles.

The sun protection factor of coconut oil stopped 30% UV
So you coat it with before going in the sun, you can still absorb the beneficial vitamin D from sunlight, which is not the case with common sunscreens.

Athlete’s foot
Apply daily coconut oil on the feet after showering and for additional antifungal effect, mix in a few drops of essential oil of tea tree.

Conditioning treatment for hair
As a pre-shampoo, cover coconut oil hair shampoo the day before (protect the pillowcase) applying especially oil on the ends to get silk hair.

Lip balm
The next time you run out of lip balm, try a mixture of a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil with essential oil and a tablespoon of beeswax coffee. Fill in the applicator tube and let the mixture time to come to room temperature before use.


Aftershave cream
Amazing that something so simple could be so effective in calming the inflammation of shaving.

Mosquito bites
Apply directly to all insect bites to relieve itching and cause deflation.

Coconut oil is an awesome eye makeup remover, mascara dissolves in an instant and leaves skin hydrated and clean. A little coconut oil on the eyelashes at bedtime thicken them, especially if you’re used to your eye makeup.

Relieves sunburn
Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine, says that coconut oil is a cooling oil, which can bring great relief to irritated skin from burning. Another great remedy against sunburn is the Apple cider vinegar mixed with water, sprayed on the skin leaving it dry. Apply coconut oil after cider vinegar for better relief.


Soap with coconut oil homemade
Just three ingredients: coconut oil, soda and water washing.

Leave me your comments, so we can all benefit from your own experience. Thanks …



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