secretmaison infinite white

I had a new experience lately in bed … well, not really new! I swap my usual washed linen beddings for cotton ones. And tell you what, I really enjoyed it. I have been sleeping into washed linen sheets for more than 10 years; I love the comfort of linen but I tell you that was so good to get back to cotton. The glamorous feeling of cotton, the softness, the sweetness… And most of all, I renewed the long forgotten experience of the sheets actually ‘sticking’ to the duvet inside providing that real feeling of nesting. Of course as usual I am faithful and loyal to the French brand Secret Maison I’ve known the quality for a long time. And the collection needs no ironing.

Good news is, Secret Maison has gone cotton… a vintage patina cotton of great quality. The collection is available in white only (of course). It is not an optic white but a natural one. Have also that loving experience in cotton.

Stay in bed longer and go cotton too.




secret maison infinite white

secret maison infinitewhite

stay in bed

lit blanc coton par Tarah Jane

lit blanc coton

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