Lamp it system

Hello Folks, I came across Lua Nord Spanish online shop while surfing on the web this morning and I couldn’t wait to speak about  this slow shop any longer… I found that brilliant light system called Lamp it. Whatever it is you wanna hang and make a light out of it, this is the solution. I invite you to have a look on her website and see how it works here. Your world will never be the same for a few euros…

Lamp it System by Lua Nord


They sell their own products (ethically thought and made) and also a lovely selection of fine curated items.

03am puff for Lua Nord

Plant shelf at Lua Nord

Plant shelf at Lua Nord

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I hope you will be as stunned as I am.

Have a perfect day.



ps: all photos are (c) Lua Nord

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  1. Love theirs items that we sell at the eshop! merci valérie pour le partage.

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    1. 🙂 … je suis tombé sous le charme ce matin. Très très belle sélection. Très beaux produits. Belle journée. (ps : ne pas hésiter de signaler que vous commercialisez leur collection dans votre boutique sur mes pages Facebook, c’est fait aussi pour ça).

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