Announce Remodelista Market NYC

Remodelista Markets feature original, handmade and bespoke goods for the home; and independent clothing, jewelry and apothecary brands. Remodelista’s 2008 Christmas party in Mill Valley launched the first Remodelista Market. Readers were invited to attend the event showcasing local designers featured on the site. The market was so popular that it became an annual event, and has grown to include markets in several California locations, Seattle, Portland, Boston, New York and London. Each market focuses on that regions makers alongside a few steadfast regulars.

Remodelista, a sourcebook for considered living, was started by Julie Carlson and three friends. The team, based in New York, San Francisco and London, are all life–long design enthusiasts with creative backgrounds spanning architecture, publishing, production and design.  The energy and enthusiasm at the events make them feel like a dinner party with friends rather than a shopping excursion.

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Don’t you wish to be in New York City at the weekend too?

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