Hello Folks, it is Wednesday today, time for a catch up on Kids stuffs. I hope you will enjoy as much as me.

Peter chair and table by Hans J Wegner
Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) , a master of Danish design (designer of the famous ‘Wishbone chair’ CH24) , draw in 1944 a collection of furniture for children , consisting of a chair and a table . Today Carl Hansen publishes these pieces become design classics . The CH410 and CH411 chair table ( also known as  » Peter ‘s Chair  » and  » Peter ‘s Table « ) are made from several pieces of wood that are mounted and dismounted very easily without the need for tools. This design makes this small, functional and playful furniture, while being very stable and robust to withstand the daily lives of toddlers ! You can find the collection at Silvera.

Leave carpet by Vividgrey
I have been admiring Sabine’s work for a while now. When I see her work I am still under the spell. This is a good sign for me, isn’t it? Here discover ‘Textile leaves’ by VIVIDGREY. Inspired by beautifully textured leaves, this piece works equally as rug or throw. Handmade, all leaves are dyed and manufactured in VIVIDGREY workshop in Vienna. They are made of organic linen canvas and quilted with an easy care wadding (certified for production without harmful substances).

under the stairs

Spaces for kids are thought differently today and that’s a wonderful idea. The home is their playground too. The use of the space under the stair makes a perfect place to fix things to hang up, to climb, to play (have you read this post ‘It’s a mini’s world’ by 2B&Co.?) Ask Harry Potter! I am sure he would have preferred. ;-).

Knotties for babies

Ah I like to find original things for kids. these ‘Knotties’ by Lala’s Pequenos caught my eyes. The original Knottie™ baby sleeper has been designed to keep your baby sleeping cozy all night long. The knot design allows baby to be changed with ease. You simply tie the ends in a knot and baby’s toes stay bundled up. Made with the softest organic bamboo fabric available on the market.

kites on the wall

When I discovered this on 79 ideas I found it so fresh and authentic. Having kites in a kid bedroom makes such a sense to me and yet I don’t remember seeing that many so far (and trust me I see so many images a day). Originally published in the Country Style magazine from Australia.

Have all a good day,

With love… xx&x