Maison de vacances is about everything I love for home. Comfy, timeless, elegant and made of fabulous textures wich make every single piece a statement by itself. Maison de vacances is an interior brand collections of elegant, to rock your mind, satisfy your body and save your soul as they claim. And that is so true. Inspirations for a hippy très chic & arty rock lifestyle designed & made in France with love by Emmanuelle Fouks & Nicolas Mauriac.

The Maison de vacances products are manufactured under the most precious materials and noble. Fabrics, furs and leathers are vegetable tanned severely selected and patiently developed in Europe. They must simultaneously provide a strong visual effect and a full satisfaction to the touch. It’s a style for everyone who loves to play with colors without renouncing the virtues of contents. With a backdrop our certified natural linen Master of Linen, whose environmental credentials are well established .. Of course not, all branded products are exclusive Holiday Home. Vacation Home is a brand of creators, not dealers.
The Maison de vacances style is primarily a lifestyle. A life where desire can be a necessity; where luxury is the air of bohemian and regains the sense of humor. Modern, contemporary, it is the colors of life. Changing with the seasons, open to all walks of life, in all circumstances, be able to follow those who adopt it, to submit to their desires.
It is based on the combination of the finest materials and most trends with our natural raw linen. This background allows to juxtapose all of our solid colors and our textured materials, like a painter on a table, and so change from day to day decor without losing the thread of the story …

(c) photos Gaëlle Le Boulicaut – Maison de vacances

Have a peaceful weekend. Enjoy… xx&x

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

maison de vacances

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