Sometimes time goes like mad. I have been really busy recently powering and organizing the pop up in Albi plus my usual work. But it is ok. I guess I have the chance to work things I like, with cool people I admire surrounding with lovely things. Marie-Laure from Le Carrousel has been running too. She is on spot and had to put everything together there. The workshops, the blogger tour with the local councils, the partners, clear the boutique, styling the place on paper, taking care of the printing materials, writing posts on the blog and I don’t forget to say taking care of her 4 kids (Martin, Louis, Amicie and Eugénie. And she’s pregnant, have I mentioned that before ? she is trying to set a beach volley with the spare one on the bench team at home 🙂 )

Meanwhile so many lovely brands have joined us. And I cannot wait to show you. I think we had gather lots my favorite interior decoration brands there (well some were busy elsewhere and couldn’t join).  I know that most of you won’t be able to come over, therefore we try to keep update with our IG la maison Le Carrousel and our blog.

Some pictures from the collection we will be exhibiting and selling at la maison Le Carrousel. Jump to their e-shops with a click on the images.

ps : If you have missed Gathering fine brands #1 & Gathering fine brands #2

paris au mois d'aout

Kyoto by paris au mois d'aout

paris au mois d'aout

pelote kit Iwwi Iwwi pour Haloween

Peoni cushion by Jamini Collection coussins Jamini

bonnesoeurs-design-lit-maison-galerie-02-ambiance-made-in-france bonnesoeurs-design-lit-maison-02-fabrique-en-france-hetre-massif-ecologique-f94fbca9a8

corbeille par Cosydar-DecoCouvert en bois par Cosydar-Deco

Workshops are also going on. Find all the information on the page  »Les Ateliers » and find some lovely DIY.


en tête blog

ENJOY…. xx&x

and Happy Halloween all 🙂

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