Hi there. Autumn has definitely arrived. The lovely season as I call it. Love the colors. Still working on the setting up of the pop up in Albi in November I have not spare time to go to the forest. Shame, but since it is a real need… might steal some time for myself this afternoon (shhh, don’t tell).

Let me introduce you, as promised some brands I really like and we are proud having them at the pop up (if you have missed #1, it is here). Visit their websites (click on the image as usual to jump on). Enjoy the visit…x&xx

La 510 originale by Label Edition is created in 1947 by Gaston Cavaillon and was manufactured by Mullca until 1996. It is edited today by Label Edition into its original version.
La 510 originale

510 originale labeledition Gamme

Ceux qui vont sur la mer is a new brand created by Sophie Le Fur whose been an artist for a long time. She creates home accessories for decoration in soft and sweet tones (rugs, lamps, baskets, bags….) made with raw materials coming from Briton manufactures well-know like Guy Cotten, Le Minor. On a circular economy basis. She lives by the sea at the end of land in France and her creations have it in their DNA. Colors of the sea, mariniere textile, raincoat fabrics…

Eclaircie par ceux qui vont sur la mertapis oursin par ceux qui vont sur la mer

That’s it for now folks, meet you here in a few days. And if you want to follow day by day the setting you can do it live on our IG la maison le carrousel, via our dedicated blog La maison Le Carrousel.

Have a fantastic day.

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