It’s Sunday, nevertheless I will write about my work. Most of you know I am the founder of 2B&Co. agency, few really understand what I am doing :-). And I like it that way. The main aim of my agency 2B is to work closely behind brands & designers to provide them with the tools they need to be efficient, to be  known, to be notorious, to be peaceful so they can concentrate on what they are doing the best : create!   I work hard, my days are long (but as a freelancer, who doesn’t?). Storytelling, Brand Identity, e-shop settings and updates, Social Networks, Newsletter, Press Relation, Public relations, Counseling, Marketing, , Blog contents, Sourcing for shops and Concept stores, Graphic design and ready-to-print files for brochures, posters, leaflets.. Organizing events for brands and setting up pop up stores. But there are 3 points : I have to love the brand story, the making process of the goods and the product itself. All the collections I work for must be part of my universe.

I was recently commissioned by Marie-Laure, Founder and Designer at Le Carrousel (lovely outfits for kids) to organise a pop up store for her in the large City she lives in, Albi, in the South West of France in November (14-28). My tasks: back-up, organisation, identity and communication. I have been living in Brittany for 5 months (after 33 years in Paris where everything is supposed to happen) and I have realized that there is a great deal of demand in the Cities in France to get those typical Parisian events. Paris is now overloaded with pop up stores so they don’t even get out of the mass. That’s really bad for brands investing times, money and energy for a pop up (that’s a heavy and risky task). So I jumped on the occasion to work on this slow-making, energizing project.

I like to see things on a global aspect. It is because you are hundreds kilometers away, abroad, not around and cannot come over during that 15 days-pop up that I will make this event live for you. Discover new brands, lovely and good products, passionate people by visiting the blog LA MAISON LE CARROUSEL I have opened for the event, get it live via Instagram, read it in French on the blog and in English (franglish ^^) on Ello, share images on Pinterest, join us on G+ and be informed in your timelines… Well, get inspired by those really nice brands joining us at LA MAISON LE CARROUSEL and as I like to say: make your home a better place. I will write more later so you will discover all the brands joining us at the pop up store. I bet you will like it as much as I do. 

I wanted to thank as well Saar Manche, who helped me setting the identity of our concept by allowing us using her work and photo. She unfortunately won’t be with us, busy with a terrific exhibition in Paris. This is gonna be the story of another post. Thank you talented and lovely lady.

ENJOY… xx&x

ps: on my way now to feed the media with contents of stuff I love :-). Have a perfect Sunday.


temps suspendu IWWI




Collection coussins Jamini

coussin collection Jamini


coiffe indien créations singulières

Plume le petit indien par créations singulières


lit encre secret-maison

taie encre Secret Maison


Winter collection Gaelle Barre


…. and more to come mid-week…. to be follow!

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  1. dit :

    Très bel article ! Bravo !

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    1. 2B&Co. by valerie anglade dit :

      Merci Sophie :-)…xx&x


    1. 2B&Co. by valerie anglade dit :

      merci Karine 🙂 .. un superbe compliment de la part de la part de quelqu’un qui place le mot beau très très haut 😉 xx&x


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