Paris lovely atelier

For over 10 months (that’s a long story) my sister has been renovating her atelier in Paris. It is a duplex atelier built in an old building dated early 1900 she bought 15 years ago. We have been working together to choose the colors, the materials, the fabrics and the furnitures and objects. She is mum of a 14 girl and their home has to be comfy and functional but very personal like I like to say #makeyourhomeabetterplace.

First we started to think over the space. We conclude that a new bathroom was needed (separate the toilets), revamp the kitchen to make it a more functional place and to add real large storage so the place is always (almost 😉 ) tidy up. So we asked to an interior designer to propose some ideas with a strict brief for the new space organisation things since (and believe me) it is a real job that needs experience and to create a large storing place with 3 imperatives: on mesure wardrobes, a place for a fireplace, and a spot for TV.  The 2 bedrooms upstairs were revamp 2 years ago and are really nice and optimized.

Then we worked on the colors. My sis’ is much more on colorful decor than me so that was fun to search for basics colors for the beams (we painted in black), the stone wall was reworked and the others were painted in white. So starting on a black and white decor the deal was to find out how to bring colors that match inside. Our priority as always was to re-use most of our stuff, a sort of double-game home staging (good news for her, I just moved to a new place and most of my things were ready to go over). We stated then bits by bits to work on every items, material, details…

See by yourselves … What do you think ?

Enjoy … xx&x

Atelier in Paris by 2B's team

The large white and wood storage place with its fireplace, TV spot and lots of wardrobe, drawers and book shelfs. The sofa comes from and is made of indigo linen. The nest suspension was created by Nelson Sepulveda. A large stained cow-skin on the floor and a good leather club-armchair.

Atelier in Paris by 2B's team

From the very beginning my sis’ was focusing on a cement tiles carpet for her kitchen (I remember the way she run Paris back and forth to find the right ones). So we decided on this pattern. As I hate cupboards in kitchen I suggested simple tainted wooden selves. Black gears of course and 2 days spent at Ikeas’s for the kitchen plan (a pain really but happy with the result). A pair of Eames chairs are always a good idea. Plants and go…

Atelier in Paris by 2B's team

A working space was needed. Here we used the vintage clark desk we offered her few years ago. The vintage Danish chair was found at Chez les voisins (thank you Marie). And of course the textile trophies by Anne Valerie Dupond I offered her these last years. The floor was remade too with real large wood.

atelier in Paris by 2B&Co. 's team

Some colors on the outside too.

atelier in Paris by 2B&Co.'s team

We both like funny and delicate plants.

Atelier in Paris by 2B's team

In the living room, blue is dominating along with dark wood and black. The textiles had to match the ambiance and soften the place. Some dots of yellow highlight blue color.

atelier in Paris by 2B&Co.'s team

dobe5 I hope you like it as much as we do. Love. xx&x

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