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Furniture by Bolia

Few years back, when I was very (but very) young and not in the decoration & styling thing I was inspired by Ikea (who wasn’t?), then growing a bit and being more and more interested by what the interior design universe had to offer I went into a sort of mix of Industrial and Vintage interest (again, who… ?). After a swift but very interesting stop into Design, pure design my world starts to tremble… I was looking for something real, true and natural. The Scandinavian style helped me a lot I have to say (but again, bla bla bla…). That was something like 5 years ago. At that time I was fed up with main street brands copying one object after another. The words Vintage, Design, Industrial have been so much molested so far except by a very few. Creation too today (everybody seems to be a creator, what???) .

Naturally I searched what could answer my needs. And I found my thing/style : handmade, ethical, creative and long lasting loved items. The objects I had gathered through the years are making sense now. It is a nice mix of vintage, industrial, design-wise, scandi and lots of things made by creators. From recently inspiring places on the net (click on the image to find out where I am being inspired) I could make my home this way… Enjoy. xx&x

Copper pipes kitchen


Rustic kitchen

wood and linen curtain


plants from the garden

perfect living room

a nice place to relax

inspiring bedroom

white linen bed

a romantic bedroom

a black hammock is always a good idea

outside space

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