brunch ambiance

Sunday, a good day to spend some time with friends. Brunch is the best ever option for me. I am a really bad cook, I had no time to prepare special dishes (came back from Paris late last night).

Today I have 9 friends over for brunch ! Okay, let’s make it easy, fun and comfy for everyone.

First the place. I dedicated a room I decorated with branches I hanged all over the roof and walls on Friday morning before leaving. I got the branches from the garden I trimmed on Wednesday (free green decoration all over my place). A white line of paper on the table center, some green stuff on the table and here we go.

I set 2 tables. 1 for displaying food & cutlery) and the main one for gathering friends. My purpose is not to impress by a special deco but having altogether a good time. My friends don’t come over to have a course about style (most of them don’t care anyway). So I wanted to keep it simple, easy reading scheme in the room, having people laughing around going back and forth to the food table and help themselves as they like. each of them will sit wherever they feel like (I know that girls will sit together 😉 anyway).

food table

Put together on a spare table all the food. Each one will be comfy to help himself and it will keep your main table space free.

Considering food, since I had no time to prepare, I made it simple : Bread (on the main table), pastries, juices (home made this morning with my blender), coffee and tea of course; roasted potatoes I prepared last night and schedule my oven to start cooking in the morning while I was sleeping^^. This morning I just had to prepare the eggs, sliced the salmon and prepare the fruits to be live blended in the juices. I am wearing  grey jersey fisherman trousers, with a white oversized jumper, hair bun and a dark grey apron just to make sure not to get stained and tell everybody : feel comfy I am in charge 🙂

bread on table

To get the feeling of a brunch, just leave the bread and butter on the main table.




Roasted potatoes … every body likes roasted potatoes (gluten free and get along well with eggs and salmon). Find a lovely Italian recipe here and how to cook zucchini & Carrots here.

boiled eggveggies

On the table I only use white and black tableware, casual glasses. The simplest ones. Linen napkins. And to allow each one to have its space I use paper placemats with graphic patterns. They are great to calm down the boho style of my table.

white plates


The graphic paper placemats by Pollypapier are something you should use everyday. They provide a special moment, embellish everyday table and are cool on a tray if you decide to have dinner in your sofa.

brunch deco

While you will be reading this, I will be having nice time with my friends.

Have a perfect Sunday… Enjoy xx&x

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