happy birthday

The seeds of Zilalila were planted in 2010, it’s been 5 years now and it was Zilalila’s Birthday yesterday. For those who follow me on Facebook and IG, you know I have been addicted to Zilalila’s items for a long time. Each product reflects my search for comfort, my love for wool, linen and pure cotton, my way of life and ethic for handicraft … And on top of that Anita is a lovely lady and is my friend. So I wanted to write a special for this Birthday. Discover Zilalila reading this post. Enjoy xx&x…

ONE OF A KIND: Zilalila’s products are made with as much love and attention as it was designed. Handicraft techniques with great care and precision give the products its authentic style. Each nest, pillow or rug is handmade and therefore unique and provided with a personal touch. By combining sustainability with soft tones, Zilalila stands for timeless design focusing on an enjoyable home for everyone.

FROM AND FOR NEPAL WITH LOVE: Each and every Zilalila product is fully handmade in Nepal according to fair trade practices, established by long-term relationships due to Zilalila’s frequent trips to Asia. With a passion, Zilalila focuses on working with a tremendous respect for the Nepali women, which goes far beyond the production process. Besides the opportunity for Nepali women to provide for their own income, Zilalila cares and uses a part of its proceeds to make education for the Nepali children possible and fun.
zilalila-pouf-nest bd

NEST & PATCH bean bag … a must have for all. Great for kids an a fabulous relax spot for grown-ups (I can tell).

Nest blanc Zilalila


NEST brown Zilalila

woolen cushions Zilalila

The woolen cushions make an awesome comfort zone for kids and are the best ever looking outfit for your sofa.


wieber_blanket Zilalila

The blankets & bedspread, no need to tell you that they are your best companion for chilly evening and stolen naps.

DISCOVER LOTS MORE ON ZILALILA‘S WEBSITE. Anita delivers all around the world.



Zilalila Cloud Wall decoration

Zilalila Bird Collection

All pictures are by Zilalila.

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  1. valerie brodeur dit :

    ou ont acheter ce bouf


    1. 2B&Co. by valerie anglade dit :

      Bonjour Valerie, Ce pouf peut être acheté sur la boutique en ligne de Zilalila :
      Zilalila livre partout, il ne vous reste plus qu’a choisir la couleur. Ils sont merveilleux et vieillissent très bien. A bientôt. xx&x


      1. valerie brodeur dit :

        vous être pas au canada


      2. 2B&Co. by valerie anglade dit :

        non je suis basée en France et Zilalila à Amsterdam aux Pays Bas.
        Zilalila livre le monde entier.


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