J’aime les objets en laine et particulièrement ceux en tricot dit Chunky. J’ai découvert ce matin une boutique sur Etsy qui m’a renversée. Par la créatrice Anna MO … c’est ÉNORME.

Son IG Anna MO est extraordinaire. A visiter de toute urgence. Enjoy xx&x

I love woolen stuff, particularly knitted things with the chunky technic. I discovered this morning a shop on Etsy that almost killed me :-). By the designer Anna Mo. It’s ENORMOUS. 

Anna Mo‘s chunky knits are not shy about their pattern, the soft form of her objects forcing the wearer to observe the pieces in all of their magnified glory. To knit these mammoth material works the Ukraine-based Mo not only uses extremely thick sections of wool, but also XXL needles to produce her three-inch-thick stitches. In addition to her wearable works, Mo also sells the yarn that she uses to produce the pieces (100% Australian merino wool) as well as oversized knitting needles so you can produce your own chunky sweaters and blankets. (text via This is colossal)

Her IG’s Anna MO is fantastic. To be visited urgently. Enjoy xx&x

chunky knits

chunky knits5

chunky knits3

chunky knits2

chunky knits4

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